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sustainable washing




There are so many ways in which we can reduce the amount of microplastics being released into our environment even though our swimwear is made of recycled fabric - it can still release microfibres when washed, just like every other synthetic fabric.


In order to reduce the amount of shedding, the very best way to wash our swimwear is by hand, with cold fresh water and a small amount of eco friendly washing liquid (not powder). No scrubbing or scrunching. Rinse and hang in the sunshine and you’re done!


If you must use a washing machine, here are some tips to reduce microfibre pollution from synthetic clothes:


  • We recommend using a guppyfriend™ washing bag. This will protect your clothes (therefore increasing their lifespan) and will help reduce the amount of microfibres that might enter our oceans and waterways from your washing machine. 
  •  Try using a coraball – a specially designed and easy-to-use laundry ball that catches microfibers shed during a washing machine cycle.
  •  Install a washing machine filter like the ones available at Planet care


Need more information and tips? Plastic soup has many great resources and ideas to help you reduce your plastic footprint.